Patch Adams MD Pediatrician, Clown, VA                                                                                       

David Dionisi Former Military Intelligence officer
Author, business executive, CA                                                                                 

Cathy Orozco Attorney at Law, CA                                                                                  

Dwayne Hunn  PHD, Peace Corps, CA                                                                                                 

Chris Murphy Free Lance Writer, Iraq

Linda Jacquin National
Advertising, MO                                                                                                          
Brian Staton Business Executive, NC                                                                                                 
Stan Goff Veteran, Veteran, Investigator,
Margaret Davis NC,                                                                                                                         
Stephen Halpern International,
Anne Wright Former Air Force Colonel, Diplomat, Hi                                                                            

Patrick Wells Film Maker Film Producer, MN                                                                                       
Founding Board

Nadia McCaffrey, Gold Star Mother
Veteran's Rights. Advocate, CA

Executive Director
PMCF Regional Director  
Chair of the Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
Committee of the CA State Governors Veterans Board,
also, treasurer of the
San Francisco Veterans Employment  Committee (VEC)

Paul Schneeberger
Founder of Beyond Tribute
Public Relation, Washington D.C.

Kent Shew CPA
Treasurer, CA

Michael Murray RA
Stephen Edwards AD
Iraq Veteran & Advocate, Coordinator, CA      
Diane Corcoran RN, PHD
Army Colonel (Retired) Researcher, Author, NC
William McDonald
Author, Film Maker, National Inter-Faith Chaplain, Veteran, CA
Motecuzoma Sanchez MA
Iraq Veteran "Reach out to Latino Community" Coordinator, CA

Mary Tillman
Gold Star Mother
Published Author, Educator, CA

Becky Lourey
Gold Star Mother
Strategy Planning
Former Minnesota State
Senator, MN

Marc Knipper MSW
Veteran's Liaison
Nuclear Submarine Veteran, CA
Michael O'Gorman
Director*cofounder of FarmVetco
National Coalition, CA
Patti Toroni
Veteran's Community Outreach
John Keith
Veteran's Resource Coordinator
(USN) Iraq Veteran Retired
Jose Lau  
Support * Advocate
For OIF OEF Veterans  CA
Mike Weisser
Vietnam Veteran,
Retired Sales Executive, MN
Formed in 2006-2018, the organization is a peace based organization for
members of the military who have served in the war, we are focusing on the Iraq & Afghanistan conflicts, however, this foundation is to help all war veterans . We believe the best way to support our troops is to bring them home now and
take care of them when they get here.
Dr Patch Adams Pediatrician
The Gesundheit Hospital Project
Denise Elsner Ford Writer, NC   
Karen Meredith AGSM
President Northern, Ca.
American Gold Star Mothers INC.