Before deployment
to Iraq: Patrick
McCaffrey with wife
and daughter
Janessa-Marie with Grandmother Nadia
Front-Right: Patrick McCaffrey and Chris Ulen.
After the ambush on June 22, Chris worked tirelessly on Patrick (whom was shot 8
times and left behind on the ground with a severed artery) trying to bring him back to
Lt Andre Tyson KIA,
Balad Iraq
June 22 2004
Sgt Michael Ottolini, KIA November 10 2004
Patrick McCaffrey Senior
Patrick McCaffrey Junior
Sgt Ashby standing in front of his cars
Janessa Marie and her Daddy

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Tribute to the Three Fallen Soldiers
579 Engineers Battalion, Petaluma, CA
Sergeant Patrick Ryan McCaffrey Sr. KIA June 22 2004,
Balad Iraq
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